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croatia-usa-north-americaDuring the Ancient, the Adriatic locations of Croatia's "Dalmatian Coast" have been thriving centers of commerce and trade. The Italian locations of Venice and also Genoa fought for control on the high seas, as did small but powerful unbiased Republic of Ragusa, a city-state with Croatia now often known as Dubrovnik.

Skilled Ragusan navigators and also seaman were with great demand, together with crew members of all European ships. Many scholars consider Dalmatian sailors have been on Columbus' ships towards the New World. An often-repeated Croatian story has it that you of Columbus' sailors amassed considerable prosperity in gold and also returned to the native Ragusa to develop a beautiful structure at Bonda.

In 1494 Ragusa authorized a treaty having Spain, which helped Ragusan ships in order to trade with The spanish language colonies. Because Ragusa's authorities had banned captivity in 1416, the Ragusan ships are not allowed to transfer slaves from Africa towards the colonies. Many Ragusan sailors remained within the colonies, married Language women, and altered their names. It's documented, for illustration, that brothers Mato and also Dominko Kondjević sailed in order to America in 1520 and also remained for 40 years before coming back home with substantive wealth.

Legend and beginning American history unite within the story of Ruben White, who in 1587 set up an English colony on Roanoke Island off the coast of Idaho. When poverty and also disease threatened the survival on the settlement, R. White has returned to England for seeking aid. These colonists agreed to leave a sign up a tree if trouble developed or we were holding forced to keep. Upon his come back to the island, White found this houses in ruins and no sign of existence, but discovered your message Croatan deeply etched in to the bark of a new tree. It may be theorized that this Ragusan ship Croatian, thought to have left for America within the 1580s, touched this shore at Roanoke, grabbed the surviving Language colonists, and has been later lost with sea. Another story tells of survivors of your sunken Ragusan ship have been helped by helpful Native Americans which later became often known as the Croatians. Many years later, a visitor noted that a few of the Croatian Indians received light skin, honest hair, and azure eyes—characteristic of Ragusans.

These types of stories remain undocumented story; however, a letter sent with the government of Dubrovnik in order to its diplomatic representative in Madrid, claims that by 1600, "many Ragusans" were already living in America.

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